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Slate-Lite is a paperthin real stone veneer. The 100% natural stone surface is enforced from the back with fiberglass for better stability and easy processing.

To produce Slate-Lite the most beautiful slate blocks from around the world are chosen: With our revolutionary method it's possible to produce many very thin stone layers from a massive slate blocks of up to 5 tons.
During manufacturing the fiberglass carrier is applied in liquid form to the slate block and the thin stone layer is peeled off manually.

The paperthin slate by Slate-Lite is not only characterized by the beautiful natural colors and structures but also by it's other properties:
Slate-Lite is due to it's thinness completely flexible.
Slate is also very light: It weighs just 1,5 kg per m², which also significantly reduces transport costs compared to massive stone slabs and also helps to reduce the degradation of natural resources.
All chemical components of Slate-Lite are harmless to health and correspond to the highest quality standards.