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The company Adelfoi Petrou Ltd, founded in 1968 and continues maintaining activities up to today, having as first concern the requirements of our customers, we offer the best possible quality, and service, using always materially most excellent quality. 

Due to our experience, we are pleased to have the opportunity to process any structure and any designs (project) we are asked. We have the ability to give accurate bids and schedules, so that our customers have the right image for any project. Flexibility, accountability, reliability and service are the principles that characterize our company. 

Our team is experienced and highly skilled. Each member works tirelessly, with honesty, integrity, quality, and open communication.

The materials used in the production process are all high quality, which we buy from world-class suppliers. All of our exclusivities are brands famous for the quality and durability. 

Our objective is to continue maintaining the best quality and service.

Thank you for taking the time and we are at your disposal for any clarification.

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