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Slate-Lite is a paperthin real stone veneer. The 100% natural stone surface is enforced from the back with fiberglass for better stability and easy processing.



Polygroup is an International Manufacturer Company  We offer-innovative technology and high capacity of production to all projects in which we are involved, manufacturing different raised access flooring systems which can be adjusted to the needs of any market.


Building roofs of all kinds, from simple shading gazebos to stadium coverage with spans of over 250 meters. This special structure is made of  straight beams in laminated wood combined with steel grafts, which are connected in a simple and effective manner thanks to a revolutionary international patent filed by the company.


Twinwood is a product whose aim is to present itself as a real alternative to the use of natural wood for decks and outdoor applications.
Being a composite of organic fibers and polyvinyl chloride one can say that the Twinwood is 100% recyclable, is manufactured by “clean” extrusion processes and it does not have any natural wood extracts or derivatives in its composition. It is actually a green eco-friendly option

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